greener and more sustainable world would be wonderful, right? One of our core values is respect – we do not only respect the people who work for us, but also the Mother Nature. We are excited to introduce this new ‘greenifying’ concept to you by Artemis Liliums.


The world around us is changing: more green energy, stopping plastic waste, biological pest control, saving energy with new lighting solutions, water-saving installations and much more great environmentally friendly concepts.

Artemis is also testing new and ‘green’ concepts. Recently they have started testing with led lights in their greenhouse. This saves a lot of energy, but brings in new challenges. We will keep you updated about this new cool project. But, there is more… Artemis is the first Lilium producer to test replacing the plastic sleeves of selected products with good quality paper sleeves.

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First of all, we would like to tell you a bit more about Artemis. Artemis has been an active player in the market for many years. Upon those years, their motto became ‘Enjoy life, enjoy lilies’ – now, isn’t this a happy and freeing statement?

Artemis has two locations in Almere, the Netherlands, where they grow their amazing Liliums. They produce several Liliums: Pink Mist, Paradero, Pinn Up, Energetic, Ice Clear and, don’t forget, Premium Blond.

The company takes very good care of lilies from the moment of placing the bulb into the ground until we receive the cut flowers. Apart from all the tender love and care they give to the flowers, Artemis has a fully automated quality guarantee system that helps them to give the flowers all the attention and care they require.

OZExport - FlowerExport - Artemis Lilies - Lilies

The Lily on the left is the magestic Premium Blond, while the photo on the right represents gentle Pink Mist.



Making an effort to make the world greener, Artemis is now introducing a new paper sleeve. This sleeve is exclusive and only available on our website. At this moment, the sleeve will only be available for the stunning Premium Blond. The look and the feel of the sleeve gives this aesthetic feeling, just as if you bought your freshly-cut and wrapped flowers – on a hot sunny day, at a market in a faraway foreign village and are carrying them back home.

OZExport - FlowerExport - Artemis Lilies - Lilies - Paper Sleeve -Premium Blond

*Please note that we made the pictures of ripe Lilies to show off their amazing colour and shape. Of course, you will receive fresh products when you order them in our webshop.



Do you like this new paper sleeve concept? Do you like the modern looks of it? Would you like to contribute to the ‘greenery’ of the world? Then be one of the first to purchase this exclusive product! We are having an OZ Export exclusive try-out! Check our webshop or app for more.

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