After months of planning the day is finally there… everything is set to be the wedding of your dreams. You found a marvellous white wedding dress. To make the look complete you only need the right wedding bouquet with romantic white flowers. Search no further, the Alstroemeria Florinca White Pearls will definitely fit in well with any wedding dress or wedding theme!



Not only does this flower shine bright and beautiful, it is also a flower with many favourable specialties. We have listed all of the advantages for you:

  • Easy to use
    With this flower you can easily make a stunning bouquet or floral arrangement. You only need to take of the extra leaves and cut the stem at the size you need.
  • You only need a few stems
    When flourishing the Florinca will open up all her multiple flowers on the stem. Each stem has a minimum of 20 flowers. So with just a couple of stems you can create something memorable for that special day.
  • Great vase life
    The Florinca White Pearls can last up to 3 weeks, which means you can reminisce about the wedding with them.
  • Special requests
    A wedding without fascinating flowers wouldn’t be the same. Therefore, on request we can ask our grower to keep your flowers apart in the greenhouse. This way the flowers can grow a bit longer than usual and turn out to be even larger and more charming.
  • Full bloom
    When receiving the flower, almost all the buds will still be closed, but it is guaranteed that they will fully open up.

 OZ Export - Flower Export - Alstroemeria White Pearls - Flower Nursery Hoogenboom

Our Alstroemeria purchase specialist Danny and Andre from Hoogenboom Alstroemeria.



To give you some inspiration of a possible wedding bouquet with this flower, breeder Alstroemeria Hoogenboom asked dutch florist designer ‘Bloemenservice Nederland’ to come up with an effortless look as wedding bouquet with White Pearls.

Your shopping list:

  • Alstroemeria Florinca White Pearls
  • Helleborus
  • Eucalyptus
  • Achillea White
  • Jasminum
  • Chasmantium
  • Galium Odoratum

OZ Export - Flower Export - Alstroemeria White Pearls - Wedding Bouquet

Special designed wedding bouquet by Hoogenboom Alstroemeria.



To see how the Florinca is grown we paid a visit to the flower nursery of Hoogenboom Alstroemeria. This flower nursery is somewhat different than others. That’s because Hoogenboom Alstroemeria uses special hybrid lamps with Philips GreenPower LED lamps in his greenhouse. He was the first Alstroemeria breeder using this type of technique for growing high-quality Alstroemerias.

By using the Philips Green Power LED lamps he can shorten the growth cycles, increase production and offer and even higher quality product. At the same time, these lamps reduce energy consumption by as much as 42 percent. Alstroemerias need a lot of light in order to grow. With this technique Hoogenboom Alstroemeria can regulate the energy consumption effortlessly. The Hybrid illumination systems in combination with the Philips SON T lamps gives the grower the opportunity to separately regulate the heat and lighting. This allows Hoogenboom Alstroemeria to grow better flowers all-year round.

Philips Lighting created special light ‘recipes’ to use for the breeding process. Each flower may differ in what it needs, therefore these recipes can be of great advantage! With this technique Hoogenboom Alstroemeria can individually focus on specific flower aspects such as: compactness, colour intensity, branch development of the flowers up to the blooming period.

Hoogenboom Alstroemeria grows their Alstroemerias in a sustainable way. Not only do they use LED lamps, they also use biological pesticides, they are MPS A and MPS-GAP certified breeders. Another aspect what makes the flowers from Hoogenboom Alstroemeria stand out from others!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Alstroemeria White Pearls - Greenhouse LED lamps

The LED lamps Hoogenboom Alstroemeria uses create a lovely pink effect in the greenhouse.



Together with Hoogenboom Alstroemeria we came up with a unique offer to let everybody enjoy the beauty of this flower. Ask your account manager for more information or check out the ‘Exclusive, wedding & events’ list in our webshop or app.


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