Choosing the most beautiful Rose can be hard, but choosing one with a scent makes it even harder. You will have no problem finding the right Rose with you with the amazing garden-shaped Roses in special varieties by VIP Roses. Most of the Roses have a scent and all those scented flowers are marvelous!  

Flower Pitch - OZExport - VIPRoses - Garden RosesSales tip! Place a bouquet on your counter to attract customers.



The chocolate Roses are the perfect combination of giving Roses and chocolate as one gift. Besides that they have other advantages as well:

  • They have an amazing sweet scent, unfortunately you can’t eat them 😉
  • They are available in many different choco toppings, from sprinkles to a satin touch
  • They have a long vase life

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As mentioned before VIP Roses also has an assortment of lovely scented Roses. To see how it works we paid a visit to their flower nursery. When entering the greenhouse you will find an endless view of different types of exclusive Roses. Which you can enjoy by walking through the rows or just by relaxing by the tables they have placed there during the cold greenhouse season.

Flower Pitch - OZExport - VIPRoses - Fliower Nursery

They have a large range of different garden Roses, all of them are unique. Some have many petals which creates a playful look, others are bi-coloured making each Rose distinctive from others. Also in their assortment are Roses with a green grassheart. This is actually the stem of the Rose that has grown through the flower.

Flower Pitch - OZExport - VIPRoses - Flower Nursery - Garden RosesPlease note that some flowers may appear bigger and differ in colour on these pictures because they grow longer on the stem of which they get all their nutrition. The Roses from left to right: Rosa Green Eye, Rosa Applejack and Rosa Victorian Secret.

Curious to find out more about these Roses? Check out our visit to the breeder of VIP Roses; Dümmen Orange here.



When we’re visiting a flower nursery we make many pictures and short video’s. Like to be the first one to know we’re visiting a nursery? Check our social media channels! We always try to post the news articles as soon as possible, but on our social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, we can post something quick and easily. Occasionally, when we can we go live! Get the first sneek-peaks of our visits through these channels.

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Inspired by the various Roses of VIP Roses? Check our webshop or app to see what we have in stock.

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