The Alstroemeria season has truly started with a bang. Next to the two new spray Alstros Paradiso and Charmelia Bridesmaid we also welcome some more regular Alstroemeria varieties. Time for an update, so you will not miss a thing.

Alstroemeria Hunter
The latest variety by grower Vreugdehil. Yellow breeding of the species Toronto. Later this year, the grower will also come with the variety Snowtime.
Product - Alstroemeria Hunter

Alstroemeria Fruzzel
The first dark/bordeaux coloured Alstroemeria.
Product - Alstroemeria Fruzzel


Alstroemeria Intenz Pink
Beautiful new streak-free pink Alstroemeria
Product - Alstroemeria Intenz Pink

Alstroemeria Adele
New red refinement of the famous and top notch variety Rome. Contains the same quality features!
Product - Alstroemeria Adele

Alstroemeria Estee
The first uniquely real salmon Alstroemeria with heavy stems and large flowers.

Product - Alstroemeria Estee

Alstroemeria Noize
The new red Alstro. Characterizes by heavy stems and big flowers.
Product - Alstroemeria Noize

Alstroemeria Bianca
A new and heavy white Alstro. Exactly what the market demands right now.
Product - Alstroemeria Bianca

All these varieties, and more novelties, are regularly available in the OZ Export webshop. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask your vendor.

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