Dekker Breeding invited us to take a look at their newest Chrysanthemums. Would you like to know which Chrysanthemums are coming our way? Please contact your vendor for more information. 

Dekker Breeding Ajlonka Salmon - Flower Export by OZ Export

Dekker Breeding Ajlonka Salmon available at OZ Export

The sensational Aljonka Salmon showed her beauty and was used for Dekker’s decorations. The Aljonka Salmon was a finalist for the Glass Tulip Award 2016. Unfortunately, she did not win the award. Aljonka Salmon is a decorative disbudded Chrysanthemum with a beautiful full flower. She has a unique salmon colour that did not exist within the disbud segment. The pearly gloss layer on the flower petals makes her picture perfect for your floral arrangements. The jury of the ‘Glazen Tulp Award 2016’ praised this glamorous colour as well. Also the quality of Aljonka Salmon is very good. This and the ‘up’ position of the flower petals makes her excellent for long distance transports.

Breedingtest Dekker - Flower Export by OZ Export

OZ Export vendor Henk van Mourik looking at the Chrysanthemums at the Dekker Breeding Show.

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