This week Corine and Frank of Montana Lisianthus visited OZ Export with their amazing Lisianthus flowers. They brought us a story, passion and new products. Of course we will seal the deal with a great Flower Pitch Offer!

Flower Export by OZ Export - Flower Pitch - Montana Lisianthus

Monatana Lisianthus Fleur Elisa


Who is Montana Lisianthus? Corine and Frank told us their story with pride and joy. Their passion for Lisianthus is big! They have chosen to only grow the most impressive, unique and breath-taking Lisianthuses. But can we call it Lisianthuses? The flowers are so different from what you are used to. Rosita is beautiful like a Rose, Alissa has a flower explosion, Rosanne has amazing colors and is very strong, and Fleur Elisa is a floral party! Florist love to work with their products because of their appearance and unique selling points.

Montana is known for their exclusive flowers with amazing quality and great value. Their breeding process starts in Japan. They have an unique partnership with the Japanese breeders. Because of this partnership it is possible to make great assortment choices and spot the latest Lisianthus trends. They also work hard to improve their products, this fall an improved version of the Rosanna Brown will become available for you and your customers. This is one of the reasons why Montana belongs to the top growers in Holland.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Flower Pitch - Montana Lisianthus 05

Flower Pitch with Corine en Frank of Montana Lisianthus at OZ Export, they brought us delicious Chocolate bon bons.


One of the newest member of the Montana family is the Mono Lisi. It is called mono because one stem is one flower of the Lisianthus without the branches and buds. The flower itself is a little piece of art. The powerful and strong flower steals the show and is perfect for bridal design but also for floral arrangements and for funerals.

The stem are 10 cm long and ready to use. Packed in a beautiful purple box with a window. They are bunched per 50 flowers.

Five reasons why florists choose the Mono Lisi?

  1. Even longer vase-life!
  2. Easy & Strong! Sticking the flowers in oasis is very easy, the stems are very strong.
  3. Cheap transport! If you know you will only use the flowers, it can save you transport costs.
  4. Saves time! You don’t have to cut the stem or remove access leaves.
  5. If you of your customer have a lot events or weddings this product is great. It saves a lot of man-hours. The Mono Lisi is ready to use product!
Flower Export by OZ Export - Flower Pitch - Montana Lisianthus 03

A Mono Lisi box with Alissa Blue and picking Mono Lisi in the field at Montana Lisianthus.


We can’t tell you everything, but there is a new type of flower on its way! What we can tell you: it is going to be cute! Top floral designers that have seen this product are crazy about it and can’t wait to work with it. This year there will be a summer trial and we will keep you posted!
Flower Export by OZ Export - Flower Pitch - Montana Lisianthus 04


We have an irresistible Flower Pitch offer for you! Corine and Frank have selected this special Montana Blend for you. Just like a good wine the ingredients of this blend are of superior quality. Eight exclusive double Lisianthuses that will surprise you and your customers. Bigger than big, a floral explosion with beautiful colours.

The ingredients of the Montana Blend are:

  • Lisianthus du Fleur Elisa Pink
  • Lisianthus du Fleur Elisa Blue
  • Lisianthus du Rosanne Green
  • Lisianthus du Rosanne Black Pearl
  • Lisianthus du Alissa White
  • Lisianthus du Alissa Blue
  • Lisianthus du Alissa Pink
  • Lisianthus du Alissa Champagne

Available at OZ Export in our webshop or call you vendor for more information. Try it and you will fall in love with these beautiful flowers.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Flower Pitch - Montana Lisianthus 06

Flower Pitch Corner at OZ Export filled with this week’s offer: Lisianthus du Montana Blend.



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