Love, love, love… the upcoming periode is all about love and kindness. Besides Valentine’s Day we also prepare for International Women’s Day [8 March].

As the undisputed number 1 amongst the cut flowers, Roses provide colour, scent and beauty indoors in the month when nature is still only hesitantly getting started. This Valentine’s essential is a real stunner, available in many colours and shapes from a spray Rose to a solo star. With new varieties being added every year to enhance arrangements and bouquets.

Floral trend moodboard - Flower of the Month Rose



The Rose [Rosa] is a member of the Rose family and includes 300 species in the wild. The number of bred cultivars is estimated at more than 30,000. Roses have been blooming on Earth for a very long time: fossilised remains of wild Roses have been found which flowered 40 million years ago. The plant was first used as an ‘ornamental Rose’ some 5000 years ago in China. Until the 18th century there were only white and pink Roses. Only later the red and yellow varieties were added.

The choice of over 600 varieties means that the range of Roses is large and rapidly developing, with new cultivars added every year. Alongside classic single stem Roses and spray Roses, there are Roses with ‘grass hearts’ where the base of the flower grows through the flower, and Roses that resemble peonies. To make themselves stand out, increasing numbers of Rose growers offer unusual colours and shapes alongside their classics.



A good display can significantly boost sales of Roses. Present them by colour with other flowers – pink is a trend colour in 2019 – and make use of the luxury packaging offered by some growers in order to protect the Roses while simultaneously emphasising their special status. A bit of space around the flowers literally gives the customer room to make their choice.

Customers like Roses in mixed bouquets (bestsellers to take away) and in mono bouquets and arrangements (for special occasions). Because Roses are well-known cut flowers, it can be useful to offer them in creative forms as well: floating in glass hangers on an Easter branch, cut short and divided across a collection of small vases, or as a luxury element in a field bouquet.




It is not surprising that the colour of love: Red is on trend this month. But the red for 2019 is more intense than last year. Combine this rich colour with other deep colours such as a deep blue and a natural green. Add some soft romantic pink to the mix to brighten up your bouquet. Opt for a creamy white colour to create contrast.

PANTONE 11-0106 Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn tempts with its soft and buttery attitude.

PANTONE 15-1619 Pressed Rose

The blushing Pressed Rose fills us with thoughts of romance and sentimentality.

PANTONE 19-1862 Jester Red

Adding depth and intensity, Jester Red combines rich elegance with urbanity.

PANTONE 18-0416 Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Moss conjures up thoughts of flourishing foliage and the physical beauty in the natural world.

PANTONE 19-3810 Eclipse

A deep blue redolent of the midnight sky, thoughtful Eclipse is both serious and mysterious.



The upcoming weeks the Rose is in the spotlight of the Flower Agenda. The inspirational images above are produced by the Flower Council. Keeping in mind the Horticulture Sector Trends for 2019. These trends are a translation of the latest consumer trends. We focus specifically on the horticultural sector.

If you would like to find out more about the Flower Agenda please click here.



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