What do you get when you blend red, pink, purple, orange and white? You will get the new Blendy Alstroemeria Mix by grower Together2Grow!

OZ Export -Flower Export - Blendy Together2Grow -1000px

Together2Grow presents their new and exclusive Blendy Brand:

  • Blendy has five new and bold colours in one bucket!
  • All varieties in the bucket are 70 cm and of premium quality.
  • It will not only give you creative inspiration, but also transportation advantage.

Below you see the five new pretty colours by Blendy! From left to right: Moria, Misty Spring, Party, Red Delight, Elegance.

5 blendy colours - OZ Export

Blendy gives you tips and advice about the use of the flowers:
‘Blend all the colours together to make bold statements. You can use the varieties also individually in a bouquet.’

With Blendy you can offer your customers a complete and colourful concept that they can use to their advantage. You will not only offer flowers, but also a story. Blendy is a story that will inspire your customers and flower fans! Storytelling is one of the most successful marketing strategies at this moment. So, take advantage of this new concept and surprise your customers with these new trendy colours!

OZ Export -Flower Export - Blendy Together2Grow - 4

You recognise the Blendy-line by the new colourful collars.

Blendy is available from week 27 at OZ Export. Order them in our webshop or ask you sales representative for more information.




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