Glazen Tulp 2016


This Summer Charmelia White was introduced. This beautiful white spray Alstroemeria is now officially nominated to win the Glass Tulip 2016, the ‘Oscar of the Flower Business’. The voting has begun and you can vote too!

Spray Alstroemeria Charmelia White is the next in line of a generation of superstrong, superfine and superbig Alstros. Developed by breeder Royal Van Zanten, grown in large numbers by Together2Grow and distributed by OZ Export the Charmelia varieties have been a huge success, truly regenerating the value of the Alstroemeria product group as a whole.


Every year growers and breeders worldwide introduce hundreds of new concepts and varieties. FloraHolland likes to put these innovations in the spotlight – using not only trade fairs, clock presentations or special auction groups but also FloraHolland’s prestigious award The Glass Tulip. Right now the voting rounds are at the semi-finals stage.

To reward those breeders and growers FloraHolland presents the Glazen Tulp (Glass Tulip). This is the most prominent award for best market introduction of the year in the horticultural sector. Companies that achieve notable success in putting a product or concept on the market see the Glass Tulip as their work’s crowning glory.

Rens Buchwaldt, Financial Director of FloraHolland states: “FloraHolland attaches great value to the presentation of the Glass Tulip. The Glass Tulip is part of our policy to promote new plants and flowers in the market. That is important because product innovation is an important driver of Horticultural Netherlands!”

We at OZ Export are proud that yet another market introduction has caught the attention of the Glass Tulip’s jury, which has led to this nomination.

Glazen Tulp 2016


We kindly invite you to support the all new Charmelia White. Click the link below and vote for this flower through the FloraHolland website. Thank you for your vote!

Glazen Tulp 2016

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