Vip Roses are magical.
Vip Roses are colourful.
Vip Roses are sweet.
Vip Roses are hot.
Vip Roses are special.

Ed and Marc Sassen, two sons from a growers family own the most beautiful rose company in Holland. They not only grow the most beautiful roses but are also true artists when it comes to decorating roses with various toppings. Ed with his organizational talents and Marc with his artistic talents form a fine team together.

Hunting new varieties with unusual shapes and colours is their speciality when it comes to natural roses. When the roses have been found they spend days of testing with all kinds of toppings, such as glitters, pearls, snow and even chocolate. This really gets the bling bling effect to every floral work of art.

Vip Roses uses real roses and cover them with a thin layer of pearl paint, wax, glitter or other treatment. All topping techniques used are environmentally friendly. The roses bloom naturally.


Here is an summary of their assortment. All varieties and more are available at OZ Export.

flower export
From left to right: Sugar Candy R186 | Sugar Red R203 | Dame Blanche R264 | Dame Blanche Love R265 | Dame Blanche Disco R271

flower export
From left to right: Frostwax Avalanche R180 | Avalanche Antique Frost R193 | Frostwax Aqua R184 | Frostwax Red Naomi R185 | Frostwax Rainbow R129

flower export
From left to right: Glitter Gold R67 | Glitter Silver R60 | Glitter White R162 | Glitter Red R63 | Glitter Light Pink R32

flower export
From left to right: Red Naomi Glitter Gold R131 | Red Naomi Glitter Silver R133 | Red Naomi Satin Silver R123 | Red Naomi Snowy R70 | Red Naomi Glitter Red R73

flower export
From left to right: Pearl Disco Dip R269 | Marshmallow Red R43 | Snowy Mountain Blue R24 | Baby Satin Pink R82 | Bling Bling R10

Vip Roses do not export the flowers themselves, so OZ Export has opened its webshop for you to be astounded by the luxurious roses and buy your own. Surprise yourself, surprise your florists and let them surprise their customers. Check our special X-Mas price list in our webshop or ask your vendor at OZ Export for Vip Roses.

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