Last year we told you the Ilex is a stranger in our midst. ‘It’s not a flower, not a foliage but some kind of branch rich with berries.’ But did you know that it’s just holly without the leaves? 

Ilex Verticillata is a botanical beauty which is becoming even more popular. You can use it to quickly create something unique that is still totally natural. Let the Ilex play a solo role in the vase. To make something as pretty as in the photo in just 26 seconds: grab a clear vase, place three branches with bright red berries in it to adopt a minimalist expression. Tadaaaa… and you’re done. A piece of cake!

Flower Export News Item Ilex

Ilex Verticillata

A traditional red Ilex is perfect for Christmas decorations. Process it in a lovely floral arrangement for some Christmas spirit.

Flower Export News Item Ilex

Small Christmas bouquet with Ilex spray, Rosa Red Eagle, Chrysanthemum Madiba Dungu Red and Chrysanthemum Madiba Meshi Green.

Are you a trendsetter and do you want to light up a room? Grab a few long drink glasses, put a piece of the Ilex branch in the glass and pour water into the glass. Take a few floating candles and put them in the glass. Light the candles and you have stunning table pieces.

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Flower Export News Item Ilex

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