The Dutch Flower Council has set up a real Flower Agenda for this year. For a couple of weeks all focus is on one type of flower. From week 36 to 40 it will be the warm and colourful Chrysanthemum. You and your customers can read all about this flower that is available in an unprecedented wide colour palette. Allow yourself the next time your customers acquainted with the many features of the stylish Chrysanthemum

Chrysant month


In Asia, the Chrysants have been wildly popular for centuries. The flower is native to China and Japan, where they fell in love with it immediately. Around 1700 the Chrysanthemum left the Orient to make themselves also seen in Europe.

This flower symbolizes health and happiness. The stylish Chrysanthemum gives you both pleasure and a good dose of luck.


Today, looking around in the market we would almost forget that the Chrysanthemum is originally yellow. The flower is in fact available in an unprecedented wide colour palette. Whoever chooses colour can enrich his house with Chrysants in warm golden yellow, bronze red or deep orange hues. Or one just goes for subtle and quiet with Chrysants in shades of white, pink or purple. Furthermore, this beautiful flower also offers another broad choice of various types: there are disbudded, spray and santini Chrysants.

Chrysant month
From left to right: Three types of yellow Chrysanthemums: disbudded ‘Chrysant gp Anastasia Sunny’ | spray ‘Chrysant tr. Bacardi Sunny’ | santini ‘Chrysant san. Aviso’


Chrysants are real easy to maintain. Let your customers enjoy their flowers for weeks with the tips below.
• Provide a clean vase of fresh water.
• Remove the leaves so they do not hang in the water.
• Add cut flower food.
• Change the water every five days and fill the vase regularly.
• Do not put the flowers in full sunlight or in a draft.


Chrysanthemums combine well with other flowers. Do you opt for the refined bouquet in the picture left on top of this article? Here are very dark red Chrysanthemums combined with Dahlias, Gerberas, Aralias and Anthuriums. Do you opt for the simplicity of a robust pot of Chrysants, hanging Amaranthus Caudatus and Hydrangea? Or do you go for something more colourful and let the Chrysants accompany with Rosabottel (rose hips) and Gerberas? Anything is possible!

Below you see a small tutorial on how to make a simple and yet very decorative Chrysant arrangement. Nice for any table or desk.

Chrysant month

Chrysant month

We know you like Chrysants as much as we do. After all, it is one of the best sold flowers in the world. Discover all colours, shapes, styles and varieties in the OZ Export webshop or ask your vendor to explain the broad spectrum of Chrysants.

Mooi wat bloemen doen

Funny how flowers do that

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