Strikingly beautiful fragrance Roses

Parfum Flower Company is a company with a story! They started in august 2011 and their name was not chosen randomly. As you may have noticed a lot of modern cut Roses have no fragrance at all. Parfum Flower has a wide selection of cut Roses which still have that strikingly beautiful fragrance.

Parfum Flower Company- oz export - flower export

They have a very highly exclusive assortment: David Austin Wedding Roses, Meilland Jardin & Parfum Collection and many varieties of premium fragrant Roses by other breeders. Parfum Flower Company is able to offer a wide range of true luxury Roses. These are Roses with a fresh look from the garden and a strong fragrance. The wonderful combination of those two unique selling points make their products very popular for weddings and other special events.

Parfum Flower Company- oz export - flower export

All Roses are produced by specialist growers such as: Tambuzi Farm in Kenya, Alexandra Farms, Agri Rose and Rosaprima. These farms are accredited at the highest levels in social and environmental standards.

It is no coincidence that the entire perfume industry has been developed to arouse emotion in us all. Parfum Flower Company hopes to have done just that, combining sight and smell to supply the most beautiful fragrant flowers possible.

Parfum Flower Company- oz export - flower export

You can order the Roses by the Parfum Flower Company in our webshop, but you can also ask you vendor for advice. Let us know which colours you prefer and we can help you find the perfect Rose for the occasion. We also have very handy little booklets like the Cut Garden Rose Variety Guide by Alexandra Farms that we can send to you.

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