Royal Visit 01

With all the buzz around last week’s Dutch trade fairs we almost failed to inform you about our latest royal order. When our royals travel we make sure they are never short on our typical Dutch product: flowers!

Ever since we had the honour to deliver 60,000 flowers for the 2013 coronation of Dutch King Willem-Alexander we are proud supplier of our majesty’s royal visits. Also the last trip of the King and his Queen Máxima to Japan and South-Korea was flowered by OZ Export. Flower artist Heleen Valstar travelled with the royals and made us look good in the Orient.

The royal visit served several purposes. First to strengthen the ties between our nations. Second to promote mutual business. That is why the Dutch royals were followed by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs. The first stop was Japan, where the royals met with Japanese Emperor Akihito and his family. Next stop was South-Korean capital Seoul where President Park Geun-hye welcomed them. Also the most famous Dutchman in South-Korea, former South Korean national football coach Guus Hiddink, was there to lift the relationships between the countries to a higher level.


Especially Japan can benefit from Dutch assistance to restructure the agricultural sector. The agribusiness is aging rapidly, because youngsters do not see the profit in maintaining the many small and ill equipped farms. Modernizing could bring bigger cooperatives and a younger work force.

We are looking forward to his Majesty’s next visit in order to promote Dutch flowers abroad.

Royal Visit 02

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