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For a few years now we have been offering Rose Hips and, believe it or not, today they are really trendy and… hip!

You might ask yourself: What is a Rose Hip? Is it a flower or is it a fruit? Or maybe it is a superfood or even medicine… Well, the answer is just what you want it to be. We present Rose Hip as a fashionable decorative fruit for autumn bouquets with a warm atmosphere.

Although you might not realize it in the first place, there is really a great variety in Rose Hips. There are many different sizes, colours and ways of painting and waxing. What is your Rose Hip?

Rose Hips 01
From left to right: Rose Hip Ladybug Hip Hop Green  |  Rose Hip Zaffiro  |  Rose Hip Corallo

Rose Hips 02
From left to right: Rose Hip Sensational Fantasy  |  Rose Hip Fruitilia  |  Rose Hip Sunset Hip Hop


These days Rose Hips are not a dangerous product anymore. OZ Export offers a line of thornless Rose Hips. Florists will be happy to see that all varieties are thornless or de-thorned to more than half of the stem and/or the first branching. This means that only at the upper part of the branch you might still have some thorns.

During last year’s Meet & Greet at OZ Import we met with the Rosefruit company from Serbia, one of the best Rose Hip producers. From left to right Rosefruit’s owner Eric Stokman, OZ Export buyer René Endhoven and OZ Import’s procurement director Jaap Stelder.


Since Rose Hips are no flowers but fruits they remain beautiful the longest when they are kept as cold and moist as possible. Storage above zero is recommended, though Rose Hips can withstand also a light frost. Low humidity due to heating or cooling is likely to result in dehydration and shrinkage of the fruits. For storage in a refrigerator just counter drying out with plastic covers. In cold and damp weather, Rose Hips can well be kept outdoors as long as there is no frost.


By dipping in wax and/or paint or spraying with snow you can pimp your Rose Hips for Christmas. OZ Export will also provide several options for this when the Christmas sales start.

Rose Hips 03
Various colours with Waxed Rose Hips

Rose Hips 04
Various colours with paint dipped Rose Hips

We hope you know all you need to know about Rose Hips to get this product started for this season. For more information please turn to your vendor at OZ Export.

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