Climate Hero Rogenti are back with their beautiful produce of Gentiana. Time for a re-introduction.

Why are they called ‘Climate Heroes’? Dutch environmental movement gave this title of honour to Rogenti already in 2009. Rogenti produces, as one of few companies in the Netherlands, horticulturally CO2 neutral. “Where possible, we make use of biological control” says Marcel Roog.

Rogenti Gentiana
Marcel Roog of Rogenti

Rogenti is a modern, medium-sized horticultural enterprise in a special niche market: the breeding and cultivation of Gentiana. Director Marcel Roog has been busy breeding the Gentiana intensively since 1984. In the thirty years afterwards they successfully claimed global leadership in this cut flower segment.

Thirty years of growing Gentiana has resulted in an extraordinary and rare top quality cut flower that is available in six colours: Gentiana Blue Sky, White Sky, Lavendel Sky, Pink Sky Purple Sky and Dark Blue Sky. These varieties are worldwide registered trademarks owned by Rogenti.

It has not been easy because it really takes talent controlling the growth of the Gentiana. Marcel Roog has turned his hobby into his life’s work: “It is a challenge for me to keep looking for Gentiana in new shapes and colours. With such exclusive flowers we can – just like the better florists – stand out permanently from the regular offers in the lower segment.” Any wholesaler or florist looking for exclusivity buys Gentiana. Use this flower in your flower arrangements and your customers will be surprised by this stately, long-lasting vaselife.


Now the Gentiana harvest has begun again. The first fields are cut and prepared for shipment. Production will build up in the coming weeks. Marcel Roog promises: “Especially the Blue Sky of 80 cms is of excellent quality. The White Sky is also great this year beautiful.”

Rogenti Gentiana
From left to right: Gentiana Levendel Sky | Gentiana Blue Sky

Rogenti Gentiana
From left to right: Gentiana Pink Sky | Gentiana White Sky

Soon Rogenti will also start with the supply of Pink Sky whose first branches bloom now. Until well into October we expect to get plenty availability in all colours.

Check with your OZ vendor or buy your Gentiana in our webshop.

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