One of our top growers Viscalla takes the next step towards exclusivity. Recently they presented their “More Than Calla” range.

How to conquer a market with 26,000 different products, including a large offer in Callas and Calla growers. There must be a way to stand out. That is probably what John Vis figured when he invented the “More Than Calla” image and packing.

More than Calla

Working together, exclusivity, unique assortment… things that are important in the market today and will become increasingly important in the future. Shortening the chain means shorter lines between producer and buyer, your products earlier in the box, on the road and in your warehouse. That is what counts. Viscalla sees these developments and acts accordingly.

“More than Calla” (MTC) is:
• The highest segment of the Viscalla flowers
• Strict selection on calyx colour, cup size, stem thickness and straightness
• Specially selected in the greenhouse
• Available in lengths from 60-100 cm
• Directly available from the grower through our Grower Direct webshop

Right now we have the following varieties available in MTC-quality: Captain Promise, Captain Trinity, Captain Goldwin, Captain Tusker, Captain Romance and Mi Amore.

To help you promote this beautiful quality product Viscalla has developed an eye-catching cardboard collar to underline that it is more than a calla. Also see attached photos.

This top line we will not be sold at the clocks of FloraHolland, but is exclusively available at OZ Export. Check our webshop and look for the notation ‘MTC’ in the Calla section. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask your vendor for our varieties of “More than Calla.”

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