Ichtus Flowers is a grower that specializes in Phalaenopsis Orchids. They have a wide assortment with high quality cut flowers. Kobe is their white star product, but maybe you want something more unique like the Arezzo, Golden Treasure or the Zoë Felix.

Ichtus Phaleanopsis- oz export - flower export 04

Phalaenopsis Montreux, Arezzo and Golden Treasure by Ichtus Flowers.


Phalaenopsis Orchids are a long-lasting and particularly elegant type of flower. They are the perfect gift for many occasions. Its graceful and exotic appearance draws immediate attention. The unusual shaped flower of the Orchids in general evokes a sense of refinement and innocence. The Phalaenopsis are also known as Moth Orchids because of their fleshy, butterfly-shaped blooms.


Phalaenopsis Orchids with their arching flower stems are ideal for bridal bouquets and tall table centerpieces. Individual flower heads look stunning simply placed on a napkin to brighten up a place setting. Brides.com has given the perfect example on how to implement this flower into inspiring arrangements.

Ichtus Phaleanopsis- oz export - flower export

Lovely Phalaenopsis wedding, the Orchid Kobe is perfect for a white wedding. Combine it with white Hydrangeas for an exclusive look and feel. Pictures by Brides.com

Ichtus Phaleanopsis- oz export - flower export

A Phalaenopsis white waterfall cake and bridal bouquet! Pictures by Brides.com


Generally, Orchids prefer to be kept at a warm temperature. Cut off the stems diagonally and put them in nice warm water at room temperature for 15-30 minutes.

Ichtus Phaleanopsis- oz export - flower export 03

A selection of pretty Phalaenopsis by Ichtus Flowers at the flower corner at OZ Export.

Whatever meaning you choose to take from these beautiful flowers there can be no gift more unusual, unexpected or beautiful than a carefully made up bouquet of Phalaenopsis. The Orchids add another dimension to such a gift.

The Ichtus Phalaenopsis are sold per flower and per stem. They are available 24/7 in in our webshop. Check out our webshop now for high quality Phalaenopsis Orchids by Ichtus Flowers.

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