We visited Arend Roses last week. An exquisite flower nursery that specialises in superior Roses. The reason for our visit is that they are going to renew a great part of their nursery.

Arend Roses has been a leading Dutch Rose grower with an excellent reputation. In 1976 Nico van der Arend started as ‘Rozenkwekerij Van der Arend’ out of his pure love for Roses. Nowadays, Arend roses are grown on fifteen hectares, spread between three locations: two in the municipality of Westland and one in Almere. With three nurseries, Arend Roses is one of the larger Rose growers in the Netherlands.

Flower Export News Item Arend Roses
A glimpse behind the scenes at Arend Roses

Out with the Old, In with the new

Golden oldie red Rose Grand Prix is going to be replaced by two other Roses: Red Eagle and Black Baccara. Arend will stop the production of Grand Prix Roses completely.

Rose Red Eagle will get a large part of the space in the nursery. The Red Eagle really honours her name: she is big, impressive and most of all really red! Red is the colour of passion, red is the colour of love and you say ‘I love you’ with red Roses. So a red Rose is pretty powerful! The Red Eagle is a Rose that radiates this symbolism.

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Rosa Red Eagle | Picking Rosa Red Eagle | Remco and Niels presenting their magnificent Avalanche+ Souplesse with pride

New Roses for 2016

Black Baccara is making a comeback! The Black Baccara Rose of Arend Roses will get the other smaller part of the nursery for her to grow her graceful dark red velvet flowers. The Black Baccara will be available in 2016.

In 2016 Arend Roses will present two new Avalanche+ Roses: Dolce Avalanche+ and Freaky Avalanche+. Both are very unique and fashionable Roses. Please keep an eye on our website and newsletter for more information in the future.

Flower Export News Item Arend Roses
Dolce Avalanche+ | Freaky Avalanche+ | Black Baccara

OZ Export and Arend Roses have a great partnership. This way we can offer you the best of the best. Please take a look in our webshop for prices of these amazing flowers. You can also ask your contact at OZ Export for more information.

Flower Export News Item Arend Roses
A field full with Pink Avalanche+

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