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Freely translated Alero is Spanish for ‘forward’. Van Wordragen Flowers’ new spray Chrysant deserves this name.

Chrysant Tr. Alero White 00
Chrysant Tr. Alero White

The new Alero has some excellent characteristics that will make it a good counterpart for the already existing Bacardi and Pinot Blanc. The heavy stems make nice full bunches and the Alero White is also just perfect for painting.

Van Wordragen is particularly proud of their organic production. This way of growing is seen more and more often these days, also with other forward Chrysant growers. For Van Wordragen this brings 250,000 stems of high quality Chrysants per week being delivered to several Dutch auctions and to OZ Export.

Chrysant Tr. Alero Cream 00
Chrysant Tr. Alero Cream

After popular dark pink and purple varieties like Timman Dark, Toschka, Morreno Pink and Pleasure Van Wordragen now present Alero White and Alero Cream. We have a few impressive bunches in our office right now for all OZ vendors and for visitors to see. We invite you to try them also and convince yourself of its quality.

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