For your convenience OZ Export offers a large range of mixed flowers. Not the regular mix, but Rainbow Mix.

The reason why we call this Rainbow is because the flowers are mixed in the bunch. Throughout the entire year and over all seasons there is big demand for mixes, because they are ideal for florists as all-in-one packages. Being so colourful they have a high attraction factor for consumers as well.

Let us give you just a few examples of this week’s Rainbow Mixes that are available throughout our webshop.

Product - Rainbow 01
from left to right: Rosa Gr. Painted Rainbow Mix (85cm, x100 st) | Rosa Gr. Preserved Rainbow (x6 pc)

Product - Rainbow 06
from left to right: Hypericum Mix Rainbow (60cm, x100 st) | Rosa Gr. Rainbow Mix (40cm, x60 st)

Product - Rainbow 05
from left to right: Alstro Mixbunch Rainbow (70cm, x60 st) | Chrysant San. Calimero Rainbow Mix (55cm, 800gr, x75 st)

Product - Rainbow 03
from left to right: Celosia Act. Mixbunch Rainbow (70cm, x40 st) | Dianthus St. Mixbunch Rainbow (65cm, x80 st)

In a short while we will also present to you our famous Tulip Rainbow. And maybe you want a Rainbow of your own? Let us know! For these and more Rainbows we refer top our webshop or ask your vendor.

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