Two generations of Bredefleur visited OZ Export to present their Flower Pitch.

On Thursday 5 March Bredefleur’s Levi Evers, accompanied by father Piet, gave a flawless performance in front of the entire OZ Export sales staff. They showed in every detail that Bredefleur understands how to combine what they produce with what the market wants.

The Evers family are true entrepreneurs with agriculture and horticulture in their veins. Previous generations have always grown and marketed vegetables. In 1972 the first steps were made with flowers; Alliums and Lilies. Nowadays Bredefleur represents the top of Dutch Lily cultures, with an extensive assortment of colours and species.


The name Bredefleur is simply derived from the road at which the greenhouses are located, the Bredeweg in the town of Moerkapelle (near Rotterdam and The Hague). That is where after 43 years you will still find Bredefleur.

After a few tests with other products, like Nerine, Freesia, Gladiolus, Ixia and Spray Carnations in the 1980’s Bredefleur decided to entirely specialize on Lilies. And that is what they have been doing very successfully ever since. The company expanded rapidly and a new greenhouse was built in Luttelgeest, at 150 kms from the old seat.

Bredefleur’s main products are Longiflorums (e.g. the dark pink variety ‘Pink Heaven’), LA (Longiflorum x Asiatic) (e.g. the orange variety ‘Honesty’) and OT (Oriental x Trumpet) (e.g. the white variety ‘Zambesi’). All strong and popular varieties. The booklet and website that Bedefleur uses to present their products is a feast for the eye.


The story during Levi’s Flower Pitch was clear for everybody. Bredefleur stands for Quality, Continuity and Exclusivity. Every bunch of Lilies must show these core values. As a buyer you must be certain to have bought that great bunch of flowers that you expected to buy.

Bredefleur controls the whole route from the breeder to the flower exporter. By getting close to OZ Export they can also get feedback from the rest of the chain, even up to the florist. Flower Pitch offers a unique opportunity to promote products and to ask direct questions to the sales people of the flower exporter.

Bredefleur’s youngest talent Levi Evers represents his company’s Flower Pitch at OZ Export.

From Left to right: Lily LA Cecina | Levi Evers, OZ Export Lily buyer Gersom Wegman and Piet Evers in fron to a richly filled Flower Pitch Corner


Bredefleur has taken this opportunity also to show in our Flower Pitch Corner no less than sixteen different Lily varieties. We only asked for about six, but they brought the full monty. A stunning sight already. Next week we have chosen three of these top varieties to promote for you: Watch Up, Original Love and Bach. This way not only our sales staff benefits from the direct confrontation and useful information given by the growers of the Flower Pitch, but also our customers profit from a week of top products against special prices.

Lily LF Watch Up | Lily LA Original Love | Lily LA Bach

Ask your vendor at OZ Export for these prices or check our webshop next week.

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