When a Chrysant grower adopts the Bouvardia anything can happen. Chrywijk took a gamble and it turned out wonderfully.

Chrywijk is a forward company. Their slogan “Better be ahead and learn than fall behind and miss opportunities”, has become their way of life long time ago. This will pay off when their newly adopted Bouvardia will succeed.


On Thursday 15 January we visited the greenhouses and handling facilities of Chrywijk in Brakel, at 85 kilometers from Aalsmeer. We took the opportunity of their Open House Day to see their presentation and handling of Bouvardias.

There is a significant difference between how the regular Bouvardia growers cultivate and the way Chrywijk does it. The ‘good old way’ is using a plant for three years, just like Roses and cut them multiple times. Chrywijk uses new plants for every crop, i.e. every eleven weeks, just like Chrysants. This has some important advantages, like the fast adaptation to demand for certain colours, a faster testing and implementation of new varieties, a stable and stronger product and less risk of flower diseases. The plants are replaced every eleven weeks, when simultaneously the soil is steamed clean again.

flower export
Harvesting flower and roots, just like with Chrysants

flower export
Utmost care in quality selection, both mechanical and human


On Friday 16 January we had the honour to have Chrywijk visit us in return. Owner Lies van Wijk was accompanied by Thijs and Aaltje van Giessen and Chris Biesheuvel. Our big meeting room was almost too small when also the entire sales team of OZ Export joined for the Flower Pitch.

Thijs van Giesen made perfectly clear why Chrywijk chose the sidestep towards Bouvardia last year, what are the expectations and how the Bouvardia can grow in popularity as a cut flower. This will happen when the traders (exporters, wholesalers, retailers and florists) are willing to put efforts into understanding how this flower acts in a vase.

flower export
From left to right: Thijs van Giessen shares his passion for Bouvardias with the OZ Export sales staff | Flower Pitch Corner with Chrywijks Bouvardias


Very recent tests irrefutably proved that flower nutrition does truly significantly improve the vase life of flowers. Next to that the flowers will bloom also better than in plain water. Just watch the short film below and you will know what we mean. No doubt your customers will love you when you can prolong the joy they have from fresh cut flowers by simply informing them about the use of Chrysal.

flower export
Click the image for a short YouTube film. Be amazed on the longer vase life with Chrysal flower nutrition.


The top selection of Chrywijk’s Bouvardia is called ‘Brilliant’. This is the cream of the crop. Brilliant Bouvardias of 70 cms have extra heavy stems and flowers. This gives real big bunches that are supplied with protective and recognizable cardboard collars and a free bag of Chrysal. Very convenient for presentation in your warehouse or shop.

From 19 until 23 January we will have the Brilliant Bouvardia Mix on our special sales offer. Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity to get a taste of the world’s most innovative Bouvardia grower. Check our webshop or ask your vendor at OZ Export.

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