Thursday 8 september was the official launch party for the new red Rose Red Eagle. If you buy at OZ Export you have seen this pretty lady in red before in our newsletter and perhaps even ordered her yourself. Arend Roses now officially introduced Red Eagle in the market with an amazing event.

OZ Export - arend roses - red eagle - flower export - red rose

Pictures by Arend Roses

Their nursery was beautifully decorated. All the special and exclusive varieties by Arend Roses showed their beauty during the event, with Red Eagle in the lead role. Red Eagle made her entrance in a Red Ferrari.

Not only Rosa Red Eagle celebrated her introduction into the flower market, but Arend Roses also celebrated their 40th anniversary. During the presentation Arend Roses showed their new look. New packaging, website and a social media make-over. These changes all contribute to their motto: ‘Varieties of Excellence‘.


In the Arend Lab you could see the new Roses that they are testing for the future. We have seen some gorgeous new Roses. Rose White Soda made a small appearance, you will definitely hear more about this Rose next year at OZ Export!

From the food to the drinks everything was in theme. We like to congratulate Arend Roses with their successful event!

OZ Export - arend roses - red eagle - flower export - arend lab

Testing Roses in ‘Arend Lab’ 

GET TO KNOW Rosa Red Eagle

When it comes to the premier league of red Roses Red Eagle is a very successful newcomer, thanks to its gorgeous bright red colour. The bud of Red Eagle is a seductive hourglass shape that opens into a beautiful round red Rose, with somewhat curled leaves. The bright red is maintained throughout the entire flowering season. Red Eagle is a very desirable red Rose in all seasons and is particularly suitable for Christmas arrangements and Valentine’s Day.

Flower size: 10-12 cm
Flower leaves: 40-45 per bud
Height : 50-90 cm
Vase life: 10-12 days

Order Rosa Red Eagle and the other ‘Varieties of Excellence‘ in our OZ Export Webshop or mobile application.

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