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This week’s Flower Pitch was presented by Rutgrink Astilbe Cultures. OZ Export. We learned how to enjoy the Astilbe for a longer period through a simple trick…

Astilbe grower Rutgrink is the market leader in the cultivation of cut Astilbe. The company is run by brothers Marc and Frank Rutgrink. Marc visited OZ Export on Wednesday 5 August to promote his company and his assortment of seven Astilbe varieties.

Rutgrink Astilbe
Marc Rutgrink pitches his Astilbe at OZ Export.


To eradicate a misconception once and for all: Spirea is not Astilbe. For a long time both names have been used for a flower that is actually just an Astilbe, as part of the Saxifragaceae family, whereas Spirea is not a cut flower, but a flowering bush of the Rosaceae family. We admit that they have similarities in their looks, but now we have learned that they are different species. Funny detail is that in some horticultural literature the Astilbe’s common name is “False Spirea”, so there you have the essence of the misconception. From now on, we will speak only of Asilbe when we mean Astilbe.


Marc Rutgrink emphasizes that Astilbe is an excellent filler for your typical summer bouquets. The plumes vary in colour from white (Washington) to dark red (Paul Gaarder) and from light pink (Europa, perfect for wedding arrangements) to purple (Amethyst). They give any bouquet of floral arrangement the true touch of summer.


One critical point when it comes to the maintenance and vase life of Astilbe is the endurance. You might have experienced yourself already that after a few days the pointy plumes tend to start hanging instead of keeping on pointing straight up. Marc explains to the OZ Export sales staff how to tackle this issue and we like to share this with you.

The problem has to do with the amount of energy that the green leaves of the Astilbe need. They use the energy that the flowers also need. A simple solution is to cut off (some of the) the green leaves and give back all energy to the flowers. It works, just give it a try!

Rutgrink Astilbe
The Astilbe Promo Mix | Marc Rutgrink and OZ Export buyer René Endhoven showing all of Rutgrink’s Astilbe varieties in the Flower Pitch corner.


A Flower Pitch always comes with a top deal for customers of OZ Export. From Friday 7 until Friday 14 August we have a great 65 cms Astilbe Mix for you with 5 colours per bucket. Ask your vendor for our best price.

Rutgrink Astilbe
YouTube-film about the production process at Rutgrink Astilbe.

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