The wedding season is ahead of us. A good moment to find out how David Austin thinks about this. We also present to you their useful brochure.

More than 20 years ago, David Austin embarked on a new and exciting breeding program designed to transform our perception of luxury cut roses. His roses quickly became among the most requested roses in the world. The varieties are selected for their soft colours so that they work harmoniously with each other and with other seasonal cut flowers, to capture the essence of an English country garden. Floral designers can now offer the romantic English garden ambiance year-round.

David Austin Roses
The ‘Charity’ concept by David Austin.

Consumers quickly became enamoured with David Austin cut roses and began asking florists for English garden roses for their weddings and parties. As a result, David Austin has extensively increased production to meet the demand during the wedding season but not so much as to flood the market in an off season. Breeding thousands of hybrid varieties a year, David Austin selects a very few to go on for testing over a two to three year period to prove themselves as charismatic, with beautiful colour, form, scent and, of course, vase life.

The current collection of David Austin cut garden roses includes the favourites from the beginning and six new varieties that capture the beauty and charm of David Austin’s famous garden shrubs and have the year-round availability and vase life of modern hybrid tea roses.

For more information on David Austin cut garden rose varieties and to see more images, please download the brand new 2015 David Austin Brochure. All of these varieties are available at OZ Export. Ask your vendor.

David Austin Roses
David Austin Collection 2015

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