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Zumba is dance. Zumba is energy. Zumba is the new Germini by van der Wilt Gerbera’s.

Since 1976 Van der Wilt Gerbera’s are a family of breeders and growers. They grow well-known Minigerbera varieties like Davidson, Kimsey, Rambo, Naringa, Cancun and Xavi and they are always looking out for new species. The company has grown from 7,000 sq. meters at the start to an impressive 32,000 sq. meters today.

Van der Wilt Team
The Van der Wilt family, from left to right Tessa, Joris and Aad.

You are the customer, so you decide how you want your Germinis. We deliver the Van der Wilt varieties on water in regular V996 auction fust, in plain black buckets or in Diamond packing. One or more colours in one box or bucket is no problem for direct orders. All options are available to you, because their sky’s your limit!


Zumba is a happy bright yellow Germini with a black heart. It is no coincidence that Zumba is named after the popular Colombian dance fitness program. Zumba has all ingredients to make you a happy buyer.

Germini Zumba 01

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Van der Wilt Gerbera's

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