Chrysant Chic

Last January Dutch breeder Royal van Zanten and OZ Export surprised many customers with the all new spray Chrysant Chic. The flower proved to be the ideal new white. Now the focus simultaneously goes to its painting abilities.

Chic has many faces. In the pristine white state the flower stands out for its long lasting quality, where the bright green heart does not fade, but keeps on shining.

In the coloured mode Chic proves to be the perfect flower for painting. Royal van Zanten likes to state this towards their growers and towards you, our customers. Therefore we show this flower to you once again, both in the white and in the coloured mode.

Chrysant Chic
The painted Chrysant tr. Chic as a work of art at OZ Export.

Chic starred during this year’s Keukenhof Chrysant Show, where flower loving tourists from all over the world come to see the best Dutch horticulture has to offer. Especially the brilliantly painted Chic Chrysants are definitely still in the memory of many visitors.

Chrysant Chic
The original Chrysant tr. Chic in a masterpiece at OZ Export.

The flowers retain their charm for a long period of time due to their superb transportability and outstanding vase life.

Spray Chrysant Chic is available at OZ Export. Once seen and experienced, you will be convinced. Ask your vendor and be experience its advantages! Go Chic, ask your vendor or check our webshop for for this sparkling bright and/or colourful painted bouquet filler and experience her added value.

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