We’re in the midst of Summer. It’s hot in Europe. So you need flowers that are strong enough to stand the heat. Flowers like Charmelia.

Over the past two years producer Together2Grow and OZ Export have thoroughly tested the multiple prize winning Spray Alstroemeria Charmelia Bridesmaid on all possible conditions. It proved that Charmelia is very good under all conditions, including temperature fluctuations.

This is the time of year when it is quite a challenge to offer your customers a good vase life. Charmelia will help you live up to that promise. The flower easily stands for a few weeks and will bloom fully open meanwhile.



The middle of the Summer is the peak period for the Charmelia production, meaning we expect full availability of 60, 70 and 80 cm stems in the whole month of July. We want you to profit from this large availability too!

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Direct colour

Charmelia Bridesmaid is an exclusive and very special light pink Spray Alstroemeria with many branches, making the flowers grow upwards in a fountain-like shape topped by a rich floral crown. She is supplied with beautiful open flowers making the colour directly visible. Consumers find this very attractive. Charmelia has a very long vase life, does not drop her flowers and the leaves remain exceptionally long in shape. She will be enjoyed for a long period.

Charmelia is an exclusive project of OZ Export, Royal van Zanten and Together2Grow.
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Read more about the prize winning flower:
Charmelia wins the Dutch Flower Award 2014
Charmelia wins the FloraHOlland Glass Tulip 2015

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