A great collaboration between breeder, grower, exporter and transporter. Royal Van Zanten, Together2Grow, OZ Export and Verhagen Transport are now seen everywhere to and in Germany with Charmelia Bridesmaid.

When driving on the Autobahn it will be hard not to notice the striking bright pink design of this Spray Alstroemeria. The flower pops up in full splendour on the back of several Verhagen trucks.

Aim of this campaign is to raise the awareness for this exclusive flower with our German wholesalers and their florists. We hope, though, drivers will still keep an eye on the road as well. Safety first, of course.

flower export

Verhagen BV is a young transport company driving flowers daily from the Netherlands to destinations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are unique with their own designed ‘Verhagen’ trolleys that combine efficiency – on both the way to the customer and for return transport – and security of all flowers arriving in a perfect condition.

flower export

Alstro Tr. Charmelia Bridesmaid is directly and exclusively available at OZ Export. Check our webshop or ask your vendor.

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