Bart joined the family firm Fa. Gebr. Pletting in 2015. His father Jan and his uncle Ronald work also at the family company. Pletting is specialised in unusual bulb and flower crops, including Muscari or better known as Grape Hyacinth. Because Pletting gives the flower an extra treatment their flowers have a vase life of approximately 5-6 days.

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Pletting’s greenhouse. Picture by Pure Seasonal Flowers.


They produce some of the best quality Muscari cut flowers. In Autumn the bulbs get a cold treatment. Then they plant the bulbs in a container and full containers are stored in a chiller. The bulbs produce roots and yellow or red shoots. The colour of the shoots depends on the variety.

Bart moves a number of containers to a light and warm greenhouse. After two weeks the flowers are ripe and Bart moves them to the shed. In the cold months form January until mid-April they work mainly in the shed. Here they pick and process the cut flowers. From mid-April they move to the outdoors where they grow other flowers like: Cornflower, Peonies, Alliums and other Summer flowers. All small scale artisan crops that each require a different approach.

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Bart Pletting shows us his top quality product. Picture by Pure Seasonal Flowers.


Not everyone knows all the different types and colours of the cut-flower Muscari. Each Muscari has a slightly different colour from blue to purple to white.

  • Muscari Siberian Tiger is a beautiful snow white variety.
  • Muscari Manon has a dreamy white colour with a hint of blue.
  • Muscari Helena is a super fun flower she is blue with a little with top. Perfect for playful designs!
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Muscari Siberian Tiger | Muscari Manon | Muscari Helena, available at the OZ Export flower webshop and app.

  • Muscari Joyce Spirit is a really nice purple blue flower: she is a bit darker than the others.
  • Muscari Cupido has a soft light blue colour.
  • Muscari Armeniacum has a bit of darker blue tones
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Muscari Joyce Spirit | Muscari Cupido | Muscari Armeniacum, available at the OZ Export flower webshop and app.


Did you know that small bouquets are getting more popular and are even a trend in 2017? Smaller cut flowers like the Muscari are perfect for these bundles of joy!
The Muscari as a cut flower can be put into a vase, and shine on its own. But the little blue Grape Hyacinths are beautiful in arrangements as well. Use other seasonal spring flowers to create a fresh design.

Perhaps you have an early spring wedding? Combine the Muscari with pink or white Ranunculus (wedding favourites!) and a romantic spring feeling will fill the room.

From weddings, bouquets and mono vases the Muscari is a pretty little thing that will certainly brighten up your day! You can find the flowers in our webshop, app or contact your account manager.

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