Springtime: you can count on several flowers you love to return to your assortment. Just like Calimeros.

Calimeros have become the common nickname for a product line called Chrysant Santini Calimero. Just say you want Calimero and flower professionals know that you are not looking for that little charming, but hapless anthropomorphized black cartoon chicken, but that you search the special Santinis from grower De Landscheiding. And they are back in business until October!

This cute, unique, fresh mini spherical Santini is a colourful and welcome addition to the regular range of Santinis. Grower De Landscheiding brings you the eight colours that you are used to over the past years: Snow, Sunny, Dark Pink, Minty, Pink, Red, Salmon and Shiny. Of course all Calimeros come with the quality guarantee that you are used to.

De Landscheiding’s owner Wilco Hofman presents his Calimero Mix



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