Do you want something else, something special? Then take a look at these creative choco and wax dip Roses. Ed and Marc Sassen, two sons from a growers family in Holland grow stunning roses. But they are also true artists, they decorate roses with various toppings.

Flower Export Vip Roses Wax Roses and Choco dip

Christmas Choco Dip

At OZ Export we have them all: glitter, artificial color, snow, bling bling and a lot more. Because the Holiday Season is right around the corner we want to highlight the Christmas Choco Topping. The roses are “dipped” in an artificial chocolate wax with a chocolate scent. Then they are sprinkled with disco dip, sparkles or pearls. These Christmas Choco Dip Roses look and smell delicious, BUT they are not edible.

Flower Export Vip Roses Wax Roses and Choco dip

Winter Wonderland

Do you love a Winter Wonderland Theme? In that case the Frostwax and Snowy toppings are great for you. The Frostwax Roses look just like a frozen Rose. The white icing on the top of the petals has a bit of shimmer. The Snowy Roses capture that serene moment after a snow storm. Everything is covered under a magical layer of snow that sparkles in the sunlight.

Flower Export Vip Roses Wax Roses and Choco dip

Vase life

The vase life of these special wax Roses is the same as untreated Roses. We have a great tip: After the vase life you can cut the rose buds, the buds remain pretty for two weeks extra!
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