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It’s almost All Saints. One typical flower for this day of remembrance is Anthurium. And we present the biggest ever!

At Peter Kouwenhoven production is fully up and running for All Saints sales. Kouwenhoven grows famous varieties, like Tropical, Cheers, Zafira and Whisper. Expectations are high with their recently released Anthurium Fire XXL.

OZ Export  |  To Flower The World
Preparing for All Saints with a warehouse full of red Anthuriums.


Fire XXL is a unique project between OZ Export and Peter Kouwenhoven to develop larger Anthuriums for the market. The first successful flower in this segment is Fire XXL. The XXL clearly refers to the grand flowering leaf of this fierce red Anthurium. At this moment we supply flowers with extreme diameters of 22-25cms. Also the stems are longer than usual, 70cms to be exact. Even the vase life is extreme, with an average of 27 days. Imagine how this will lift the size, quality and appearance of your bouquet or flower arrangement!

OZ Export  |  To Flower The World
From left to right: A field full of Fire XXL | Peter Kouwenhoven and his Anthuriums


There’s nothing like this flower. Even the largest regular Anthurium does not come close in size, colour and splendour. OZ Export sells Anthurium Fire XXL 70cms with 8 stems in the box. Availability around All Saints is excellent.

Ask your vendor at OZ Export how to obtain Anthurium Fire XXL or check our webshop for availability.

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