FOCUS ON CARE, RANGE AND INSPIRATION Behind the elegant appearance of the lily lie some very special stories. Liliums symbolize love, purity and femininity. This symbolism can be seen across the globe. The first stories on this flower date back to the Classical Era, when ancient Greeks and Romans gave brides a crown made of lilies. And not just because it looked pretty, but in the hope of a pure and fertile life. To emphasize the role of this flower a project group named Yourlily was formed at the end of last year. Now we can present their first activities that are focussed on care for this flower, the attention on the wide range of species – and varieties within these species – and enough inspiration for all occasions. CAMPAIGN The campaign kicked off at OZ Export with the placement of a large Point of Sales construction surrounded by some vases with the most beautiful lilies. CARE Caring is about enjoying lilies in full splendour for a long period. This requires not only a good environment, but surely also proper nutrition in the form of Chrysal Clear for Lilium & Alstroemeria. Several tests prove that Chrysal Clear L&A significantly improve the vase life by 25-75% keeping the leaves firm and green. This short YouTube timelapse film shows the effects of Chrysal L&A.

Yourlily - YouTube

RANGE There are several very different types of lily, each with its own unique characteristics. Cross-fertilisation has combined all these characteristics, resulting in tremendous variation. There’s a lily for everyone. So what’s Yourlily?

  • Asiatic lilies

These lilies have the richest colour palette and the widest variation of flowers and leaf shape. Unlike other types of lily, this one does NOT smell. It is primarily a herbaceous plant and its stems generally have a large number of buds, often more than five. The stems are approximately 70-110 cm long. They are perfect for flower arrangements and provide a high colour density.

  • Longiflorum lilies

Longi lilies have trumpet-shaped flowers that hang to the side. They are generally white, but nowadays pink types are also common, as are Longi lilies with upright calyces. The stem, which can be up to 150 cm long, has 2-3 calyces and dense leaves. Lilium longiflorum cultivars have a strong smell (sweet and pervasive), especially at night. This calyx lily is and remains a classic, and is traditionally used in funeral flower arrangements.

  • Oriental lilies

Orientals are the largest lilies of all. They are available in a colour range of white, yellow, pink, red and combinations thereof. It’s a woody plant with leathery leaves, and they generally have 3-5 flowers. The flowers are very large (approx. 20 cm) and often bloom in an upright position. All Orientals have a smell, ranging from moderate to strong. They are approximately 90-120 cm long. An Oriental exudes grandeur and exclusivity. INSPIRATION The lily is the perfect flower for your interior. With its stylish look, the flower suits every trend and style, from a sleek modern design to an elegant, classical one or a fashionable colourful interior. The lily is a source of inspiration. It is one of the most trend-setting flowers in the world, which is why it is widely used for various events, weddings and funeral arrangements. The lily is also beloved of interior magazines. So let Yourlily inspire you in the future too. Read More

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