On Wednesday 25 June the first official visit of the king of the Netherlands in Poland ended. Willem Alexander, together with his spouse, Queen Máxima, have spent two days in Poland. They visited, among others, the Warsaw Uprising Museum and took part in the opening of the Polish-Dutch Economic Forum at the National Stadium. The royal couple also organized a lunch in honor of Anne and Bronislaw Komorowski in the Old Orangery in the Royal Lazienki.


The Dutch royal couple’s visit could not take place without a proper floral frame, of which the Dutch took care of themselves. With the participation of Polish top wholesalers OZ Export delivered a beautiful selection of flowers. It is not the first time OZ Export participated in creating the decorations for the Dutch royals. In 2013, they also participated in the preparations for the coronation ceremony of King Willem Alexander. This time, the task of OZ Export was to provide the highest quality flowers in the right flowering stage and deliver them to the right place at the right time. For this purpose the company had posted two of its own representatives.

Providing flowers for an official royal visit is a very responsible task, especially when it comes to the king of a country that is officially known as floral king! In addition, the composition of the planned arrangements consisted of flowers that are at the end of the season and are usually not available anymore in the market, like special varieties of Dahlias and Gloriosa. Thanks to a close collaboration with gardeners OZ Export completed the order, but was left still one more difficult task: shipping flowers to Poland.


For people in the floral industry there seems nothing extraordinary in the regular supply of cut flowers, since they do this many times per week. Still, for such an experienced exporter like OZ Export transporting these flowers remain a unique task. The company trades with Polish importers already for many years. Knowledge of the Polish market and its specific requirements was certainly helpful in this project. Providing appropriate conditions for transport of flowers require large attention to detail, excluding any possible damage and observe the temperature for different types of flowers. Among the planned decorations you would find Curcuma and Vanda, who do not like the cold, but also Roses, which in turn cannot be too warm… Organizing transport involved also other difficulties, because also various kinds of trolleys contained vases and pots, as well as steel structures and other decorative elements. But everything went according to plan and the entire shipment was delivered to Poland in good shape.


The flowers provided by OZ Export been used in three locations: the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Old Orangery and Theatre Stanyslaviv in Lazienki and at the National Stadium. Heleen Valstar, a celebrated Dutch flower stylist with 25 years of experience and impressive credentials was given the honour to make the compositions. She has extensive experience with projects from the Dutch head of state to large private celebrations such as weddings or jubiliee anniversaries. Heleen is already working on behalf of the royal couple and Dutch Flower Group for many years. This is why Heleen Valstar was the main responsible for all compositions and full floristry during the visit of the Dutch King and Queen. Heleen’s arrangements referred to the national colour of the Netherlands – orange – with certain elements that loosely refer to the Dutch success at the World Cup Football in Brazil.


This venture was a huge organizational challenge, but also a very nice flower event. It was also an opportunity to enhance the cooperation between the Polish and the Dutch. One of the objectives of the visit of King Willem Alexander was to strengthen the good Polish-Dutch relations, which objective was fully achieved.

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