Environmental awareness, durability, eco-friendly, sustainability… Do these terms sound familiar to you? Completely in line with these notions, is the new environment friendly and solvent compostable sleeve by Broekhof.

As of this week, we began to distribute Freesias in a compostable sleeve for our German customers. Broekhof produces these sleeves and makes it out of PLA (Polylactic Acid or Polylactide). Together we can fight against plastic waste and pollution. With these sleeves we can make small steps, yet with great effect and that’s only the beginning.

OZ Export - Flowe Export - Compostable Sleeve - Broekhof

Our German account manager Ewa holding a bucket filled with Freesias in the new compostable sleeve. On the right you can see a close-up of the compostable sign. 


What does ‘made of pla’ mean?

Although the name sounds rather ‘chemical’, nothing could be further away from the truth. PLA is one of the best known and most sustainable bioplastics. This means that you can finally throw away the plastic in your GFT waste container!

Of course, all of our customers can receive these flowers in a sustainable sleeve. If you are interested, then don’t hesitate to ask your account manager for more information.

OZ Export - Flowe Export - Compostable Sleeve - Broekhof - new sleeve

Five bunches of Freesias in the new compostable sleeve go into one bucket. To make our customers extra aware we placed a sticker on the bucket to catch the attention.

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