During these sunny Spring days the sun is shining bright and colourful just like the Peony! These cheerful flowers are full of energy, when receiving a Peony the small bud quickly turns into a big playful flower. The season is fully active and many high-quality flowers are back on the market. To show everybody how beautiful these flowers are, we filled our Flower Pitch with 15 different varieties by MyPeony.

OZ Export - Flower Export - MyPeony - FlowerPitch - Paeonia Command Performance

Our Flower Pitch filled with MyPeony and our Polish Account Manager Anita holding her favourite: Paeonia Command Performance.



Peonies come from multiple countries, among these countries there are differences in the flowers. Take for example the French Peony season that only lasts a couple of months, starting from April until June. What makes the French Peony stand out from others? Almost all French Peonies are grown outside on the fields in the South of France, due to the warm climate. Peonies need a lot of sun and special care. That’s why this is the perfect region to grow these precious flowers.


The Peonies from left to right: 1 Sarah Bernardt, 2 Command Performance, 3 Coral Charm, 4 Pillow Talk, 5 Etched Salmon, 6 Jules Elie, 7 Coral Sunset, 8 Chiffon Parfait, 9 Reine Hortense, 10 Mother’s Choice, 11 Sarah Bernardt, 12 Red Charm and 13 Baroness Schroder.



It is early in the morning and our Peony purchaser Colin is on his way to Nice in France to check the most amazing French peonies nurseries. After arriving in Nice a couple of other breeders and purchasers joined the group. Once the group was complete they took an approximately two hour ride through all the small and bumpy roads of Hyeres.

We love to share his story with you:

After the trip we finally arrived at Freesia fleur, a smaller flower nursery that works with sheets and tunnels to extend the season. During the trip this breeder didn’t start cutting the flowers yet, but now the fields are in full bloom.

The next day the alarm went off a little bit later than usual. At 05:00 in the morning we got ready to go the Hyeres flower auction. It is very interesting to see which flowers are auctioned off that day. We saw lots of raw Peonies, according to the employees the best Peonies already got picked out (as a kind of auction pre-sale). After walking through the auction, we took a look at the clock. It was like a time traveling trip, it took us about 40 years back in time. They still sell the traditional way.

After visiting the auction we went off to see three other Peony breeders. Each grower has its own unique business model. One breeder is more specialised in retail Peonies and the other one produced high-end quality Peonies.

It was certainly very fascinating to see the passion of all the breeders. Growing Peonies is a true craftsmanship! 

OZ Export - Flower Export - MyPeony - FlowerNursery

Some pictures of the French Peony fields.



MyPeony Society is a unique group of Peony breeders that is famous for their bloom guarantee. Among this group there are several high-quality breeders, together they offer a broad assortment. Every flower nursery has their own specialty. The one thing that brings it all together: all breeders have a securely monitored breeding process to guarantee the quality.

We listed the unique selling points of each grower below:

    A smaller flower nursery that works with sheets and tunnels to extend the Peony season. Some of the plants at this nursery are over 20 years old and are spaciously placed, which allows them to grow freely. As a result, these plants give an extreme amount of flowers each year with a really good quality.
    When Piet started his flower nursery, he basically started with nothing. But, he grew into a great Peony breeder. Most of his flowers go to the retail segment of MyPeony, nevertheless he has many beautiful varieties throughout his fields.
  • MARCEL WORRIES (previously Paeon)
    This is one of the larger flower nurseries in France. They grow high-quality flowers in large production and only deliver them to MyPeony. Exciting is that Marcel will go to Chile in June. He is going to become a partner of the a Chilean Peony grower. It is expected that he will send more of those beauties to Europe. Stay tuned!

The French peek of the Peony season lasts until June. Don’t miss out on this must-have flower and check out your favourite Peony in our webshop or app.

OZ Export- Flower Export- Paeonia Sarah Bernardt Paeonia Coral Charm and Paeonia Baroness Schroder

Peonies from left to right: Paeonia Sarah Bernardt, Paeonia Coral Charm and Paeonia Baroness Schroder.

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