Last week was the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam and OZ Export was present during the final show! The fashion show by top Dutch fashion designer Liselore Frowijn last Saturday night was so creative and beautiful! This was ‘THE’ show to go to this 2016’s Fashion Week at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. We have made a report about our visit with photographs for you to enjoy!


Liselore’s new collection is called ‘Afropolitan’. She was inspired by the Southeast Nigerian Igbo tribe. She used Vlisco‘s vibrant fabrics in her design. It’s a very graphical but feminine and playful collection. For this collection she worked together with Sarah Dikker and Royal FloraHolland. They made an unforgettable experience.


It was so much more than just a fashion show. Arriving at the Westergasfabriek, you were picked up by the nicest cars sponsored by Mercedes Benz. After a red carpet, a big screen with all the sponsors’ logos and a lot of fashionistas taking selfies, we walked into a lounge area. You would hear nice music, see a special virtual reality booth and a professional sketch artist made fashion portraits of the guest. The best part was the Flower Photo Booth. The booth was designed by Sarah Dikker and her team. In this special booth you could take your picture with flowers! After you took your picture, a Polaroid was printed out and you could share the digital photo on social media with the hashtag: #shareyourlovewithflowers.

Amsterdam Fashion Week - Sarah Dikker -Liselore Frowijn - OZ Export -Royal FloraHolland 5

Instagram pictures by: laflorielisseoomen_fashionweeknederland


Fashionably late we were invited into the venue with the runway. When you entered the building you heard chirping birds that slowly changed into the sound of crickets. The lights were dimmed and the first thing you saw was an amazing runway with exotic flower trees. All of this made you feel like you arrived at a magical place!

When everyone was seated the show started with the tune ‘SOS’ by Portishead. The models all came out and walked up and down the runway. At the end of their walk they took place next to one of the ‘jungle flower trees’. The show ended with the tune ‘Flower Duet’ by Lakmé. At the end of the show the audience was invited to the runway to take a closer look, this way you could see all the detail of the clothes and the flowers in their hair.

Amsterdam Fashion Week - Sarah Dikker -Liselore Frowijn - OZ Export -Royal FloraHolland 2

#shareyourlovewithflowers during Merceds Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week

Sarah Dikker’s top floral design team decorated the runway as the Garden of Eden. The models all wore amazing floral designs in their hair. Sarah made ponytail-like floral designs with cut flowers, greens and plants. A new and fresh take on the floral headpieces that are really trending right now. From bold designs with red Anthuriums to small subtle and intricate designs. Liselore didn’t want to be cliche with the flowers and is was certainly not cliche!

The growers of Royal FloraHolland sponsored the show with exotic flowers and plants like: Strelitzia, Anthurium, Vanda Orchid, fringed Cyclamen, Calathea crocata, Celosia, Primula Touch Me, Medinilla and more!

Amsterdam Fashion Week - Sarah Dikker -Liselore Frowijn - OZ Export -Royal FloraHolland 3

‘Anthurium Mohawk’, ‘Strelitzia Ponytail’ and fashion designer Liselore Frowijn walking down the runway. Photographs by Royal FloraHolland.


One of the coolest hairstyles was the bright red Mohawk/ponytail made of Eterno Anthuriums by Fiore Anthuriums. It is available in our webshop for you to use for your own floral designs. If you like any of the other flowers you have seen, check out our webshop or call your vendor about availability!

Amsterdam Fashion Week - Sarah Dikker -Liselore Frowijn - OZ Export -Royal FloraHolland 6

Anthurium Eterno by Fiori Anthurium. This is the ‘Mercedes’ within the Anthurium segment!


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