Flower Export by OZ Export - Europa Cup 2016 - Florint - Winner

Congratulations to Tamás Mezőffy from Hungary, the new European Florist Champion 2016.

The 2016 Europa Cup featured no less than 23 expert national competitors from all over the European region; more than ever before during an international floral competition. As Tamás Mezőffy from Hungary was being crowned the new European Florist Champion, it was clear that not only he was very pleased, but the other 22 competitors and members of the audience were just as much.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Europa Cup 2016 - Florint - Dini Holtrop

Dini Holtrop represented the Netherlands during the Championship. Here are her creative creations.

An impressive group of international floral artists gave demonstrations alongside: World Champion Alex Choi, European Champion Natalia Zizko with Spain’s Dani Santamaria, acclaimed German teacher Gregor Lersch, and Japanese floral master Aritaka Nakamura. From the local Italian scene, Ivan Berghella gave an inspired performance, as did the duo of Silvano Erba and Daniela Pighetti.

An extravagant show dedicated to bridal work was put on by Mauro Adami and Marco Introini. Add it all up, and you begin to get a picture of the scale and ambition of the event. The quantity as well as quality of the floristry on display was simply astonishing!


“Flowers can truly make your wedding unforgettable. Flowers are happiness makers and put a smile on everyone’s face..!”

Mauro Adami is a real believer in collaboration and synergy. To create something special and to make a wedding unforgettable, it is essential that there is a perfect match between the suppliers. Mauro Adami recently started the Domo Adami Academy and collaborates with the key players in the wedding business. Marco Introini is a floral designer literally born into the floral industry, as his family has a flower shop since 1976. Creating wedding arrangements has always been his favourite activity. He recently decided to follow his passion to fully concentrate his work as a floral designer on wedding flowers.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Europa Cup 2016 - Florint - Mauro Adami show

A small impression of the inspiring show by Mauro Adami and Marco Introini.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Europa Cup 2016 - Florint - Mauro Adami chrysal met Kim van Hes

Talented young Dutch floral arranger Kim van Hes assisted Mauro and Marco during their demonstration.

Together they form a creative team that have inspired florists from all over the world during their presentation at the Europa Cup called: ‘A flower dance for a wedding dream’. An amazing show filled with beautiful an top quality flowers and entertainment. OZ Export is proud to support this amazing team. Together we flower the world. With special thanks to Chrysal Flower Food, Avalanche+ Roses, Sonneveld Hydrangea and Ichtus Flowers.


Flower Export by OZ Export - Europa Cup 2016 - Florint - Chrysal-02


The Italian Grandparents Day, 2 October 2016, called Festa dei Nonni was present at the Europa cup. The reason? The Festa dei Nonni has slowly but surely won the hearts of all Europeans.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Europa Cup 2016 - Florint - Festa dei nonni

Emile Dings (Chrysal), Cosimo Pagano (comittee Festa die Nonni), Franco Cirio (president Unicef) and children of the Felini Foundation.

Grandparents Day is celebrated in several countries in different ways. The Italian Festa dei Nonni even has its own doodle, the special version of the Google logo for holidays and events. The official song ‘Tu sarai’, composed in 2005 by the Italian singer and songwriter Walter Bassani, has been translated into several languages including Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

At OZ Export we support this day together with other companies like Chrysal. The Dutch Embassy and the Italian Foundation Don Carlo Gnocchi participate in the initiative.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Europa Cup 2016 - Florint - Festa dei nonni

Children of the Felini Foundation, Bert Kuiper, Marco Introini, Cosimo Pagano, Emile Dings, Franco Cirio, Brigida Gallinaro (president 50+ society), Mauro Adami, Charles Lansdorp (Felini Foundation) and Andrea Facchinato.

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