Last Saturday Amsterdam was not only the capital of the Netherlands, but also Tulip capital of the world. OZ Export was there to report to you.


The Dam Square is the centre of Amsterdam. This is where on Saturday 17 January a stunning 200,000 Tulips formed a huge flower square where everybody could pick their own flowers for free! This wonderful annual initiative, called ‘National Tulip Day’ is supported by the entire Tulip sector to make consumers around the world aware that the Tulip season has started again and to promote this flower as the ideal spring flower. This year’s slogan is « Share Happiness, Give Tulips ».

« It was extremely busy at the Dam Square », reports one of our Tulip buyers, Colin Star from Amsterdam. People standing in four lines to get into the ‘garden’ to pick their favourite colours or a nice mix. There were not only Dutch people, but a great deal of tourists too, who appreciated this gesture of Holland as a flower loving country.

flower export
The Dam Square around 13:00 o’clock through the lens of OZ Export’s Colin Star


Did you know that this year 1.7 billion Dutch Tulips will be bought by consumers worldwide? Tulips are a symbol of Holland. That is why the Dutch flower sector endorses the National Tulip Day.

National Tulip Day 2015  National Tulip Day 2015
National Tulip Day 2015 in two short YouTube films.

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