This week CoasTulip brings us their exceptional Tulips to OZ Export for the first Flower Pitch of 2016. CoasTulip is a cooperation between four growers who strive for top quality Tulips. They have a lot of passion for their flowers and use traditional methods for their bulb cultivation in soil.


All four family businesses are situated in the province North-Holland. The soil and/or sand here is great for the Tulips; the flowers really thrive on these grounds nearby the sea. That’s why they are called CoasTulip! They are also known for their conventional cultivation methods which result in beautiful heavy Tulips with great colours. Florists love these Tulips because of their high decorative value, strong colours and endured vase life.

Flower Pitch CoasTulips - flower export by oz export

Meet the breeders of CoasTulip! Gebr. de Groot & zn., C.P. Zoontjes, Jac. Winter & zn., Dolf de Wit & zn.

CoasTulip guarantees:
• Every bunch of Tulips has a minimum weight of 34 grams
• Intense colours because of the bulb cultivation in soil
• Quality control during the whole season
• Exclusive Tulips
• Great vase life! At least 14 days


All four companies of CoasTulip plant their Tulips by hand. This is hard work but this process is essential for the best quality. How does it work? First, they make sure the soil/sand is clean of diseases and bacterias. They steam the ground; the temperature of the ground reaches 90 degrees Celsius killing all germs and mould.

From October until December the Tulip bulbs are planted in the soil by hand. The growers use a harness to lift themselves above the ground. All Tulips have secrets and these Tulip cultivators know them like no other. It is important to know how deep you should plant every different Tulip to ensure they will become heavy and strong.

From January until May the growers harvest the Tulips, field by field. The greenhouse is standing on a rail. This way they can roll it over the field of choice to control the environmental temperature. This is an impressive maneuver to witness. A controlled temperature in the glasshouse results in the best colours, best quality and of course a big weight of the flower.

Flower Pitch CoasTulips - flower export by oz export 02

Traditional methods are hard work but the results are amazing.


Why should you buy a sand grown Tulip? It is simple, these tulips are grown with love and passion. Tulips from the field are grown at the pace of their biological clock. This results in a sturdy heavy Tulip with amazing colours.

The Tulips of CoasTulip are available from January – May. You can find the Tulips in our webshop. Please take note that these special Tulips have a special quality qualification: @SU or @AA. What does that mean? Well, that means these traditional grown Tulips are the best of the best quality there is.

Flower Pitch CoasTulips - flower export by oz export

Erwin de Wit in a field filled with Tulip Gold Strong. Order the Flower Pitch special offer now and you’ll receive the Tulips from this picture!


This week we have a mind-blowing offer you cannot refuse, really! From Friday 15 January – Friday 22 January we will have Tulip Strong Gold, 40 cm, 38+ gram, @SU Quality for a very special price. Just take a look into the webshop for pricing or ask you vendor.

Flower Pitch CoasTulips - flower export by oz export

A beautiful Tulip bouquet of CoasTulip, Tulip Monte Orange and Tulip Strong Gold in our Flower Pitch corner at OZ Export.

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