The stylish cut Hydrangea has long been discovered as part of a beautiful bouquet. It is often used in fabulous floral work. No wonder, since the use of Hydrangea always guarantees a splendid product. Every space is lit up when these colourful flower heads appear. They also make a wonderful gift: you are certainly not arriving empty handed! Or how about a single, decorative flower next to a plate on the dinner table? Dare to experiment. This is an inspiring flower!

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Hydrangea is a big ball of flowers originating from Asia and South America. With flowers that can have a diameter of 25 centimeters, the Hydrangea is exuberant and creates atmosphere. The shape of the flower reminds us of an old water carrier or vessel and that is how the flower got its name: ‘hydro’ (water) and ‘angeion’ (vessel) became Hydrangea.

Hydrangea is also known as Hortensia and it is thought that this name originated from a person such as Queen Hortense, daughter of Josephine de Beauharnais and Napoleon, or maybe Hortense de Nassau, daughter of the prince of Nassau. It gives the flower a touch of Dutch, since our royals are descendants of the Orange-Nassau clan.

Colours and shapes of the Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are available in all shades of red, pink, purple, white, green and blue, or with a combination of colours. As well as Hydrangeas in fresh shades, there are also colour changing flowers. These Hydrangeas have a green/red/brown tint and also work well as dried flowers.

The different shapes are:
• Ball shaped flowers
• Lace cap flowers
• Plume shaped flowers

Care tips for your florists and consumers:
• Cut a piece from the stem.
• Place the Hydrangeas in a glass vase in clean water. Fill the vase three quarters full and use cut flower nutrition.
• Remove excess leaves and side shoots.
• Make sure the flowers are situated in the right room temperature (maximum 20°C) and don’t place the Hydrangeas in a draught, full sun, near a heater or next to the fruit bowl.

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Inspiration for a Hydrangea bouquet
When making a Hydrangea bouquet, you could of course combine them with carnations, calla lilies and gladioli, as all these flowers are currently available.
It would also be lovely to create a compact group bouquet like the one in the photo. Other flowers have been used here, like Celosia, Gloriosa, Astrantia and Alchemilla.

Symbolism of the Hydrangea
Grace, beauty, volatility, vanity and abundance, because of the exuberant number of flowers and the large ball shaped form. The Hydrangea is also a symbol of thankfulness.

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