Holstein Flowers 2012

When Holstein presents their novelties for the coming season and adds the words «with pride» to this we at OZ Export are more than curious. And so should you. Holstein is always an important trendsetter in the Gerbera market, so in July we are already looking out for what’s next.

Holstein Flowers always has something new and special, and proves this once again in the 2014/2015 season.

Product - Holstein - Nieuwe groot
from left to right: Gerbera Gr. Alyssia | Gerbera Gr. Avanti | Gerbera Gr. White House


Product - Holstein - Nieuwe mini
from left to right: Germini Duet | Germini Holiday | Germini Noud | Germini Rapido


Product - Holstein - Nieuwe pomponi
from left to right: Gerbera Pomponi Fanta | Gerbera Pomponi Kermit 2.0 | Gerbera Pomponi Red Light | Gerbera Pomponi Seth | Gerbera Pomponi White Jewel


Please note that the above varieties will be available at OZ Export starting week 32, so the second week of August. Ask your OZ Export vendor or check the webshop.

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