The Anthurium, a very versatile flower! This flower is a great for different holidays. They are ideal for X-mas arrangements with their long life and easy character.


Flower Export News Item Anthurium Xmas

Red Anthurium Arena by Peter Kouwenhoven | White Anthurium Moments by Fiore Anthuriums


Anthuriums have a very long lifespan, as long as the following conditions are met. Regardless of the type of packaging: after opening the packaging cut off five centimeters of the stem diagonally with a sharp knife. Immediately, place the flower in a clean vase/bucket.

Do not place in the cold store: the risk of blue discolouration increases at temperatures below 15 degrees. The optimum storage temperature is between 18 and 20 degrees.

Handle Anthuriums with care, and definitely avoid knocks. Damage will only become visible later in the form of black discolouration.

Anthuriums do not need cut flower food, but can tolerate it. Cut flower food can therefore be used with mixed bouquets.

Flower Export News Item Anthurium Xmas

White Anthurium Moments by Fiore Anthuriums

At OZ Export we know how important it is to make sure the flowers are packed comfortably before their long journey to you. Our employees are very passionate about flowers and handle them with utmost care. This way we are certain you will get quality flowers! Please take a look in our webshop for our broad assortment of Anthuriums.

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