Almost ten years ago Vase The World wanted to travel the world and get inspired. They were on a mission to find an innovative product. Therefore, they choose for a trip to Asia and that’s where it all began…

When travelling through Asia they visited various fairs and factories, including a factory that produced pots and vases of Fiberstone. They were fascinated by the innovative design and quality of the vases and thought ‘yes, this is it!’. So, they immediately purchased a few containers to take back home to the Netherlands. That’s how Vase The World, a wholesaler of exclusive designer pottery, was established.


We have some exclusive pictures of the backstage proces. Take a look in their factory and see how they do it:

OZ Export - Vase The World - factory - backstage To make the vases, cases are used to pore the product in. During all stages there is a quality check. 

OZ Export - Vase The World - back stage process of making vases The last steps of the process; the vases get coated with a special protection layer. 



The exclusive vases of Vase The World are directly imported from Asia. The collection of Vase The World is can vary from glass to ceramics, but their specialty is Fiberstone pottery. Besides having a basic collection, they also design their own vases which distinguishes them from the rest of the world. The designs can be used for many occasions! You can put one in your shop and create a floral eye-catcher to caught the attention of your customers or you might see these vases during events and weddings.


complete package BY VASE THE WORLD at oz export!

At OZ Export we offer the complete package for all your floral masterpieces. Are you also fascinated by the luxurious designs? Check out our webshop or app to see the whole collection. You can find the whole collection in the Vase The World list in the Grower Direct section.

OZ Export - Vase The World inspiration white vases
The vases can be used for indoors and outdoors. 

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