Because of the upcoming season for 1 November (All Saints), we have decorated our Flower Gallery with the popular Anthurium. Try out which varieties your customers like best before the sales period starts. It’s heart-shaped blooms are the perfect symbol to pay respect to our loved-ones during All Saints. We placed a wide selection of varieties in our Floral Gallery.



Did you know that the Anthurium flower is not the brightly coloured spathe, but the spadix (the ‘finger’ that sticks out from the spathe)? This spathe is available in shiny white, red, pink, purple, orange, green and multi-coloured.

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On the left you can see our Anthurium specialist Danny and on the right you can see an overview of our Floral Gallery.

Exotic, compelling and bold. Anthuriums are long-lasting and irresistibly beautiful. She knows a broad assortment ranging from smaller varieties to larger ones. Besides the differences in size, they also have an enormous colour range. Because this flower is available in many different varieties you can easily style it in personalised Autumn arrangements.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Anthurium - Anthurium Assortment

All Anthurium varieties from left to right: 1 Arena, 2 Midori Improved, 3 Love India, 4 Marysia, 5 Terrasoll, 6 Tropical, 7 Pistache, 8 Carisma, 9 Love Special, 10 Love Jaguar, 11 Love Orange, 12 Xavia, 13 Tropic Night, 14 Adina, 15 Showtime, 16 Love Burning, 17 Maxima Violeta, 18 Zafira, 19 Midori, 20 Calisto, 21 Lunette, 22 Kaseko, 23 Anouk, 24 Love Attractive, 25 Sonate Royal, 26 Elixer and 27 Love Red. 



With these friendly prices you can test all these varieties yourself. Or, use this oppertunity to let your customers test them theirselves. Our Anthurium offer is available at our webshop or app now! Check our the love mix by Evanty. You can find it easily in our specials list.

Below you can see the Love Anthurium mix offer by Evanty especially created for you.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Anthurium - Love Mix

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