Why do Zandvoort and Viscalla get better prices at the auction? Why are people willing to pay more money for their Callas?

If you look at this week’s prices for Callas [botanical: Zantedeschia] you might wonder why the same Captain-varieties from different growers vary so much in price. These other growers are really offering high quality products as well.

The difference might lie in the vase life and that is not visible on first sight. Having the very best Callas is based in the growing process and in the cleanliness of the water in which the flowers are supplied.


Captain Calla
Rene van Marrewijk of CNB, full of passion for his Callas.

CNB’s Rene van Marrewijk, as a representative of the Captain Calla growers, presented the current assortment to the OZ Export sales staff. He emphasized the good relationships between Viscalla, Zandvoort and OZ Export’s Calla buyer Dennis Dekker.

Last year OZ Export started a series of promotional collaborations with CNB and its growers. This has always led to top deals for our customers. This time will be no different. From Friday 18 until Friday 25 September we are able to offer the Captain varieties against very interesting prices. Do check this with your vendor!


Captain is a unique and exclusive segment within the range of Callas. There is a reason why we focus on the Captains during this Promo Week. Captains are not your usual Calla: They are bigger!

The Captain Calla is highly valued for its larger funnel-shape spathe, its sturdier stems and its richer colour. Its coloured spathe and unusual character give this flower an elegant beauty! Captain Callas come in a rich colour palette for everyone’s liking and every occasion. Pick a white one, or a yellow, pink, purple, red, orange, bi-coloured or even a black Calla.

Captain Calla
Captain Callas come in many joyful colours.


The complaint that is most heard by growers is about slime stems. The stem gets weak and collapses in the vase, leaving the water dirty and smelly. The slime stems are caused by the Erwinia bacterium that is impossible to completely eradicate. Chlorinated water kills a large part of the bacteria, but far from all. The better the water is cleaned the bigger the chance of preventing slime stems to occur. That is exactly what Viscalla and Zandvoort do with their Captain varieties.

Captain Calla
OZ Export buyer Dennis Dekker and CNB’s Rene van Marrewijk check the Flower Pitch Corner.

You can do the same by taking the following measures:
– Always use clean and/or chlorinated water
– Cut the Calla always on the white part at the bottom of the stem. This prevents the stem from curling up.
– When you see a Calla with slime stem, it does not mean that all Callas within the bunch are infected. It could be just one stem at first, but leaving the slime stem in the vase will spread the bacteria to the other flowers as well. So: take the slime stem out and clean the water! It will save the rest of the flowers.


The united Calla growers have a website www.simplycalla.com to promote the product as a whole. Inspirational photo’s and explanations in English, French, German and Dutch will definitely get you excited about Callas.
One test done by a flower arranger clearly showed the added value of the Calla. During a workshop he asked a group of florists what would be the value of a bouquet. The average answer was around 7 euros. When he put in just three Calla stems and asked the same question the value had suddenly gone up to 11 euros! That is a very simple example of true added value.

Product - Calla Captain 0041

For more questions about the quality of our Callas and about the special Captain Calla promotion please contact your vendor at OZ Export.

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