Antogether is a cooperation between three Anthurium growers. Together they produce high quality Anthurium cut flowers and are one of our preferred suppliers. Because of our direct contact we can offer a very wide and complete arrangement of Anthuriums to you. Do you need that one exclusive Anthurium or a special mix box let us know. Together with Antogether we can help you for fill your customer’s needs.

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Visit the grower.


Quality control is important not only at OZ Export but also at the grower. Antogether truly believes in high quality and great service. Every month they have a special flower quality control. They also check their packed boxes to make sure the flowers are leaving in the best condition possible. Every day we receive fresh flowers by their quick delivery service. This way we can guarantee the freshness of Anthuriums by Antogether.

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Fresh delivery each day with their beautiful truck.


Try out Antogether Anthuriums from 5 to 9 September for a very special price! Take advantage of their great Tropical and Midori offer and experience the quality yourself. Check our webshop, app or ask your vendor for the prices.

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