Richard van Schie

Richard van Schie is a pioneer in the field of disbudded Santinis. Especially his disbudded Santinis are hot today.

Disbudded Santinis, a.k.a. „Chrysant san. gp.“ are an evolution of several already Santini existing varieties. It may sound strange to have a tiny flower like the Santini claim an XL size. Well, for Santini standards the flowers truly are XL. There are no Chrysants with as many flowers as Santini’s, so you can imagine how big and full the bunch will be.

Richard van Schie
Chrysant san. gp. Exclusive Mix | Chrysant san. gp Rainbow Mix

Richard van Schie
Chrysant san. gp. Country | Chrysant san. gp. Dudoc


Van Schie cultivates Chrysants in a sustainable manner. The use of plant protection products is kept to a minimum. Two-thirds of the power used in the greenhouses is self-produced. This makes Richard van Schie a good business partner for now and for the future.

Richard van Schie
Richard van Schie presents his disbudded Santinis

The disbudded Santinis are well available at OZ Export. Check the webshop or ask your vendor for „gp“-Santinis.

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